Ultra restricted gag with strap

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This is the strap version of the “Ultra restrictive Gag”. Almost at the beginning, when I offered the Ultra Gag with steel rod, there were requests for a strap version. This is now finally available.

The gag itself is identical in dimensions to the steel rod version. In terms of rigidity, the strap version is not quite as strong, as there is some play due to the strap. Still, the feel is incredible.

It fills the oral cavity as well as the space between teeth and lips perfectly.

The tongue is virtually fixed in an opening provided for it. Depending on the size of the tongue, there is also a vacuum effect when you try to pull it out. However, this does not hinder the removal of the gag by hand. Pulling the tongue out of the tongue opening is possible, but you don’t get much out of it and quickly put it back in.

Speaking is reduced to inarticulate sounds. If you know what the gagged person wants to say, you can guess it from the sounds.

Once the gag is in place, it is hard to distinguish it from a normal ball gag. The special feature disappears in the oral cavity.

The gag comes in the usual colors. For the strap I start with black, red, white and neon green. As length there are 55 and 75 cm. Other sizes I can make on request. Please indicate strap color and length in the comment field.

In the area of the lip frenulum, it is very thin and there is a designated area that can be cut out if you need more space for the lip frenulum.

Here is a review video of Calisa Bliss https://youtu.be/c8XTxuy2BvY?t=305


The gag is made of soft silicone which makes it comfortable to wear.
The silicone is food safe and approved for skin and mucous membranes. It can be boiled for disinfection.
The strap is made of Biothane. It is a soft plastic which is equipped with reinforcements inside. It feels very comfortable and can also be disinfected.


There are different sizes. But it is difficult to find a simple system to determine the right size. Therefore, at the moment I have chosen the body size as a guideline

XS1.60 m5’3 ft′in″
S1.69 m5’7 ft′in″
M1.78 m5’10 ft′in″
L1.86 m6’1 ft′in″
XL1.94 m6’4 ft′in″


This is a part that completely stops breathing through the mouth. Always follow the rules of “safe play”.
Everyone is responsible for themselves and their partner.