The Big One V1.4- Silicone Tongue Gag

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This is a particularly intense version of a gag for the lover of working gags. How to classify it exactly is hard to say. Is it a ball gag or a tongue gag or a bit guard? One doesn’t know.

It optimally fills the oral cavity, as well as the space between the teeth and lips. 

The tongue is virtually fixed in an opening designed for it. Depending on the size of the tongue, there is also a vacuum effect when you try to pull the tongue out. However, this does not prevent the removal of the gag by hand. Pulling the tongue out of the tongue opening is possible but you don’t get much out of it and quickly put it back in.

It is very thin in the frenulum area and there is a designated area that can be cut out if you need more room for the frenulum.

The gag is meant to be worn under a mask, muzzle or similar. Without an additional safety device, you can push the gag out. Of course, you can also command the sub not to do that, then the gag is not visible. The jaws are just a bit thicker. So you can walk in the public area without attracting attention.

Neon Orange
Neon Blue
Neon Purple
Big One - 1.0.3 - Red

Speaking is reduced to inarticulate sounds. If you know what the gagged person wants to say, you can guess it from the sounds.

Drooling occurs little to much depending on the user.

Gagging should not occur at all (otherwise wrong size).

Swallowing is possible without problems.

You can wear this gag for several hours.


The gag is made of soft silicone and therefore comfortable to wear.

The silicone is food safe and approved for skin and mucous membranes. It can be boiled for disinfection. 

Changes in 1.4:

This is now version 1.4 which includes improvements resulting from buyer feedback. 

  • The lip area is slightly bent inwards
  • Opening angle wedge slightly reduced so that you can close the mouth better
  • It is slightly shortened in the throat and behind the teeth. 
  • The recess for the lip frenulum is now slightly more stable. 
  • Further adjustments for comfortable wearing are made.
  • New size XXS
  • There are different sizes in the throat area.
  • Special adjustments are easier


There are several sizes. But it is difficult to find a simple system to determine the right size. At the moment I have therefore chosen the body size as a guideline.

XXS1.54 m5′ ft′in″
XS1.60 m5’3 ft′in″
S1.69 m5’7 ft′in″
M1.78 m5’10 ft′in″
L1.86 m6’1 ft′in″
XL1.94 m6’4 ft′in″

Here is a review video of Calisa Bliss

Versions: Short – Normal – Long

One of the main problems when wearing is the triggering of the gag reflex. With the current version I can also directly offer a shortened palate version. This is shortened in the upper back area of the palate by about 1 cm. Please select the shortened version in your order.

The longer version goes further back in the throat area as well as in the tongue area. This makes it even more difficult to pull the tongue out of the opening. But it can also cause a gag reflex more easily.

1.4.3 size comparison
Front short – Rear normal
Red short – Glas normal
Red normal – Glas long

Size problems:

Small problems can be fixed by doing adjustments to your gag. Adjusting the gag to own needs

Since it happens sometimes that the size does not fit, I now offer an additional possibility to order a second toggle at a reduced price. This is of the same color and one size smaller or larger. This is especially interesting for customers from overseas where the postage costs are particularly high. Look under articles at special offers….

How to insert the gag

Oops feels big
Let’s push it in
Push more
Yeak it realy fits
And I can close the lips


This is a part that can completely stop breathing through the mouth. Always follow the rules of “safe play”.

Everyone is responsible for themselves and their partner.